Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why is my sperm clear?

my friends say theirs is white and imasterbade like 2wice a day but my friends do so 2 and theirs is still white wat is wrong??
Okay, I may be completly off base with this one but I do not think that your clear semen is indicative of a problem. Sperm is not always globs of white fluid. Sometimes it's a mixture of white globs and clear fluid. It can also be just like what you have going on which is just clear ejaculate. Ok, I just thought my way through this and am now confident that you are fine. As a matter of fact, you should be especially careful with intercourse because most men probably measure the white globs as evidence of their sperm count. But, the truth is, the clear stuff has the highest concentration of sperm and if you aren't careful, you may find yourself making babies everywhere you lay. Guys joke about having supersperm but it may be a reality for you. imagine your semen being your own Persian army a la the film 300. Anyhow, you have nothing to worry about.

Oh, if you are pretty young, the white globs are probably going to appear a little later. I hope this helps!
well i heard on the radio that because if you eat nutritios food that when your sperm turn white, well that's what i heard good luck hope that's help
I think you have some unejaculated sperm mised in it... it is okay and normal
"Semen can vary in color, consistency and volume. Even for the same guy, each ejaculate may look a little different, depending on age, timing of last ejaculation and other factors. The typical ejaculate is cloudy and white, averages 2 ml to 5 ml (a teaspoon or less) in volume, and contains 100 million to 750 million sperm! From your description, yours is normal."
Although Semen is usually white, and can vary in color from clear, to yellow, and even brown.

Here's another link...
Well, sperm can't be seen by the eye; it is the semen in which the sperm is delivered that is more noticeable, color wise that is. This is a very subjective thing. One man's white is another man's clear. See a doctor. I bet you have a WHOLE lot of questions a doctor could assist you with.
your friends might be older than u and might be farther into puberty but ur only 13 and u still have a long way to go just dont worry about it now because everything will fall into place later so just dont stress over it and just dont care cause itll be all good
Sperm are microscopic, and black.

if you mean semen, the color varies in the person and situation
Well, first of all you cannot see sperm. Takes a 600x microscope. Your SEMINAL FLUID is whitish, if that is what you are looking at. Your pre-ejaculate that may flow quite freely during masterbation is clear and syrupy. Sounds like you are not ejaculating, just beating your meat and producing pre-ejaculate instead. Are you actually having a full orgasm and shooting out ejaculate? If no, then you are not finishing the job when you are playing with yourself. You just have not gotten a home run yet. If you are ejaculating and it is clear, you may just be a little young yet, but semen does not have to be white anyway.

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  1. I'm 13 and have the same issue. It's normal and we are just going through puperty and it will turn wight sooner or later... Ask your doctor for help to, they might have more info for you, some sperm is even yellow
    Thx ;)



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