Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why is my poop so small?

ok im about 5 11 170 pounds not fat at all, but not tiny and i dont eat really healthy but healthy enough and im trying harder and im healthy the doctor said, but i notice that like other than once or twice a year my poop is usually really small looks like rabbit turds haha, should i be worried or what? nothing wrong with it just small and in like rabbit shaped poop well human size, but I never have the long big healthy poops haha
More Fibre.... man
You gotta save it up man. then blow it out like a fat beer bottle. oh ya
Are you eating too fast by any chance? Are you making sure that you chew your food well and that it is liquified before swallowing?

If you are and still nothing is happening. You MAY be constipated. Try senakot tablets and a lactolose solution.
Some of the Yahoo! Questions are so ridiculous.

Alright, if you want the mother of all poops. Eat for two days...but make it all red meat and potatoes. Hold it in...if you feel you have to crap...go to sleep. After 2 days, drink 1 gallon of metamucil and you will have the crap of your life!! Add some beans for extra nasty poop special effects.
I don't think that you should be worried about that. You probably do not consume so much fiber. Fiber helps your digestion system. Also, you probably do not take in that much digestible food.
i would be worried if my poop was like that ..lol!
sounds ok to me..if you are having no other problems related to this then i say eat on and enjoy.

Either you're assimiliate all that you're eating or whatever you're eating is being consitpated and impacted in the colon region. You might want to do a colon cleanse.
You could be constipated - the poop spends so long in your intestines etc that a lot of the water content is taken out and it can be small dry lumps intead of a smooth sausage.

It is possible to "go" every day but still have the problem if the digestive tract is very slow (ie you might go every day but it takes 5 days from start to finish instead of 2). In that case eat more fibre and drink more water.

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